1. A-Lister’s Cabo San Lucas Compound- Casamigos

    A-Lister’s Cabo San Lucas Compound- Casamigos


    Cabo San Lucas caters to the A-listers, with its close proximity to Los Angeles and its white sand beaches and clear blue waters.  Just a short joint on a private jet can land you in luxury in this resort town- and that is just what pals Goerge Clooney and Cindy Crawford-Gerber clan did when they purchased their own plot of paradise in Cabo, creating their  private compound, calling it…

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  2. dose of design: Home Decor Heaven at L’Aviva Home, Good Earth, & Maude Woods

    dose of design: Home Decor Heaven at L’Aviva Home, Good Earth, & Maude Woods


    Home Décor Heaven

    Home décor heaven, you know , that unique experience when you walk through the doors of a shop and you are instantly transported to another place with the sweet smell of candles, the look and feel of textures and textiles, and the interesting curios that make it feel as if you were treasure hunting through the alleys of the Paris flea markets, the souks of Marrakesh, or the…

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  3. Paradise Found: Coqui Coqui Tulum, Mexico

    Paradise Found: Coqui Coqui Tulum, Mexico


    Hotelier -Francesca Bonato

    Hot-hotelier couple, Francesca Bonato and her partner Nico Malleville, bring “boho-glam” to the beaches of Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula, with their laid back hotel Coqui Coqui Tulum.  Francesca, co-owner of Hacienda Montaecristo, a fashion line that follows her passion for flea market finds, souks, & a love of antiquities from around the world, with keeping  only one…

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  4. dose of design: Endless Summer-Beautiful Beach Houses, Boards & Blankets

    dose of design: Endless Summer-Beautiful Beach Houses, Boards & Blankets


    Endless Summer

    This present moment is all we have- so breathe it in and take time to feel that summer sunshine on your face and that ocean air blow through your hair. These endless days of summer leave time for day dreaming- and we are dreaming of the most spectacular beach homes where luxury living is at its finest; contemporary, rustic, or refined, we don’t discriminate!  As long as it is on…

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  5. Mark D. Sike’s Stunning Hollywood Hills Home

    Mark D. Sike’s Stunning Hollywood Hills Home


    Mark D. Sikes & Michael Griffin at their Hollywood Hills hide-away.

    Mark D. Sikes, a former fashion merchandiser, now interior designer and brilliant blogger, transforms his Hollywood Hills home into a heavenly hide-away in pure Sike’s style.  Take a peak at this tastemakers well trained and edited eye as you tour his home.  His classic approach leaves you room to breath, in an unfussy…

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  6. Thom Filicia’s Style’n Summer Camp in the Adirondacks

    Thom Filicia’s Style’n Summer Camp in the Adirondacks


    All American Adirondack lake house- designed by Thom Filicia

    Summer Camp- In Supreme Style

    Famed designer Thom Filicia, and architect Arthur Hanlon of the Connecticut firm Shope Reno Wharton, together nailed the notion of laid-back luxury with this quintessential lake house and its high-end accommodations.  Casual and classic; styled for the bespoke residents that reside, this Upper Saranac…

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  7. dose of design: Let’s Go “Glamping”, Heath Ceramics, & Luminous Lighting

    dose of design: Let’s Go “Glamping”, Heath Ceramics, & Luminous Lighting


    Let’s Go “Glamping”

    Summer is all about spending time in the great outdoors!  And what better way to do that than “Glamping”- you know, camping but in high-style luxury fashion.  Enjoy all the creature comforts of home and relax in style!  It is all about the  fine details…a textured rug, plush pillows, amazing lighting, candles, and the great outdoors!



    One of the glam-camps at the The Resort…

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  8. The Brady Museum: A Colorful Collection of Art and Design

    The Brady Museum: A Colorful Collection of Art and Design


    Vibrant contrast of color conveys what is in store- as you step inside The Brady Museum

    The Brady Museum, located in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is a colorful, curated collection of Robert Brady’s extravagant and expressive life.  Robert Brady- artist, designer and collector; a bon vivant, and world traveler; he had an eye for the opulent, the creative arts; and his beloved home, La Casa de la Torre ,is…

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  9. dose of design:Otomi Textile’s, White Oak Wood, & Heavenly Hammock’s

    dose of design:Otomi Textile’s, White Oak Wood, & Heavenly Hammock’s


    Mexican Otomi Textiles at L’Aviva Home

    Summer Textile Essential- Otomi Textile’s

    Otomi textiles, known as tenangos, are hand-crafted by the Otomi Indians from the mountains of the Mexican state of Hidalgo.  These artisan textiles are a style’n summer textile essential! These exotic, hand embroidered Mexican textiles are bright, colorful, playful, and add the brilliance every room needs in the…

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  10. Ibuku Design’s: King of the Bali Bamboo Bungalo

    Ibuku Design’s: King of the Bali Bamboo Bungalo



    Shaped like a lotus flower , Sharma Springs is a mind-blowing bamboo masterpiece.

    Linda Garland, the pioneer behind design firm Ibuku, was inspired by a sailing trip in Indonesia on a traditional fishing boat with a giant bamboo outrigger, and that began the the journey that led her to start the Environmental Bamboo Foundation in 1993 to research and experiment with bamboo, a sustainable…

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